Cheese, My First Love

Cheese Plate

Earlier this week I created a cheese plate as the last course of dinner instead of making a dessert.  My favorite part – other than eating the cheese – was shopping for the cheese.

I can confidently list grocery shopping as one of my favorite hobbies and this trip didn’t disappoint.  I spent quite a bit of time in the Whole Foods specialty section, tasting, smelling, asking questions, and tasting some more. I settled on three types of cheese:

  • Camembert – a soft cow’s milk cheese from France
  • Gruyère – a hard yellow cheese from Switzerland
  • Cabot Cheddar – an American cheddar speckled with habanero pepper

To make it a full course, I included additional ingredients to pair with the cheese, Dalmatia fig spread (happiness in a jar), a ripe pear, dried cranberries, and roasted almonds. Served with a crusty baguette and a glass of one of my favorite wines, it was a great way to end dinner.

Want to create your own cheese plate? I did some research and there is quite a bit out there about how to pair cheese with food and wine. I like this article as well as this one. I would recommend using these and other sources as more of suggestions instead of hard rules. I think the best way for one to find what pairs well with different cheeses is to try it out!


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