Weekly Wish List: White Hot

This weekend the temps in the DC area climbed to near 60. And we’ve had some beautiful days with sunshine so far this week. I think it’s safe to say spring might finally be making its debut. After a particularly snowy winter, I am ready!

Of course, with spring weather come thoughts of warmer clothes. One of my favorite combinations for the season is white and cognac brown. As you can see, I eschew the you-can-only-wear-white-between-Memorial-Day-and-Labor-Day rule.

I think life is too short to have etiquette rules about how to eat sushi properly (apparently, we’ve all been doing it wrong), what to get your BFF and her husband on their first wedding anniversary (hint: a bottle of “good” liquor isn’t going to cut it), AND what color outfit is acceptable during certain months.

I can do two out of the three so I’m OK with wearing white before Memorial Day. Besides, I think the look is classic, crisp and clean. Perfect for spring!

Here’s what I’m dreaming about this week.

White Hot

1. Lace Skirt in Winter White  | Loft  | $79.50

2. Hinged Skinny Belt in Classic Camel  | Ann Taylor  | $39.50

3. Dress with Rhinestone Necklace in White  | Zara  |  $79.90

4. Michael Kors Giovanna Wedge Sandal in Luggage  | Nordstrom  |  $149.95

5. Embroidered Buttoned Top in Ivory  | J. Crew  |  $89.50

6. Tory Burch Robinson Wallet on a Chain in Luggage  |  Nordstrom  |  $295


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