Weekly Wish List

With yet another impending snowstorm for the D.C. region, most of my plans for this Saturday include the following: my couch, fuzzy socks, a cozy blanket, and various snacks.

So far, I’ve started the morning with a little online window-shopping. Check out some of my favorites below.

Hope everyone stays safe and warm out there!


Wednesday Wish List


Autumn Has Arrived

No doubt about it. It’s officially the season of pumpkin spice. Today I took some time to reorganize my closet, (read exchange my sandals and sun dresses with boots and sweaters) which inspired the post below.

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, just a start for some cozy fall outfits. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Autumn Essentials

Weekly Wish List: Ready for the Beach

Just add sunshine and salt water..

Ready for the Beach | On Mill Road

1. Seersucker Gold Trim Top  |  J. Crew  |  $58

2. Seersucker Gold Trim Hipster  |  J. Crew  |  $48

3. Cats 5000 Flash Lenses  |  Ray Ban  |  $160

4. Fringe Halter Top  |  Victoria’s Secret  |  $21 (on sale!)

5. Frilled Bandeau Bikini  |  Zara  |  $19.90

6. Bikini Bottom with Bows  |  Zara  |  $19.90

7. Bikini Lab Polka-Dot Cropped Bikini Top  |  Macy’s  |  $26.60

8. Bikini Lab Polka-Dot Side-Tie Bikini Bottom  |  Macy’s  |  $25.20

9. Tommy Hilfiger Signature Canvas Tote  |  Macy’s  |  $88.99 (on sale!)

Weekly Wish List: White Hot

This weekend the temps in the DC area climbed to near 60. And we’ve had some beautiful days with sunshine so far this week. I think it’s safe to say spring might finally be making its debut. After a particularly snowy winter, I am ready!

Of course, with spring weather come thoughts of warmer clothes. One of my favorite combinations for the season is white and cognac brown. As you can see, I eschew the you-can-only-wear-white-between-Memorial-Day-and-Labor-Day rule.

I think life is too short to have etiquette rules about how to eat sushi properly (apparently, we’ve all been doing it wrong), what to get your BFF and her husband on their first wedding anniversary (hint: a bottle of “good” liquor isn’t going to cut it), AND what color outfit is acceptable during certain months.

I can do two out of the three so I’m OK with wearing white before Memorial Day. Besides, I think the look is classic, crisp and clean. Perfect for spring!

Here’s what I’m dreaming about this week.

White Hot

1. Lace Skirt in Winter White  | Loft  | $79.50

2. Hinged Skinny Belt in Classic Camel  | Ann Taylor  | $39.50

3. Dress with Rhinestone Necklace in White  | Zara  |  $79.90

4. Michael Kors Giovanna Wedge Sandal in Luggage  | Nordstrom  |  $149.95

5. Embroidered Buttoned Top in Ivory  | J. Crew  |  $89.50

6. Tory Burch Robinson Wallet on a Chain in Luggage  |  Nordstrom  |  $295

Weekly Wish List [Winter Edition]

If you live in and/or near the U.S. you have probably heard of the subzero temperatures and extreme snowfall much of the Midwest and Northeast has experienced this week apparently due to a polar vortex.

Though those are the areas with the lowest temps and wind chills way below zero, I read that all 50 states experienced freezing temperatures on Tuesday, even Hawaii, and it was so cold that Anana, the polar bear at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, had to be housed indoors.

We didn’t get much snow in the Washington D.C. region, but it is still bone-chilling weather with temperatures down to 6 degrees. So I’ve been staying warm by bundling up and daydreaming of cozy winter wear this week.

Also, I realized I really like cable knit any thing, especially in neutral colors that are named after breakfast items like oatmeal and wheat.

Weekly Wish List 2

1. Calvin Klein Two-Tone Infinity Scarf | Overstock.com | $32.99 (on sale)

2. Cable Knit Throw | Pottery Barn | $79

3. Basketweave Hat & Mitten Set | L.L. Bean | Currently sold out

4. Satechi USB Portable Amazing Humidifier | Amazon | $34.99

5. Classic Cardy Ugg Boots | Ugg Australia |  $160

6. Shawl Cable Knit Cardigan | Gap | $44.95

Weekly Wish List

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are over and I’ve slowly begun the crawl back to business as usual. Emphasis on slowly because I accidentally spent the better part of the morning browsing my favorite stores’ sites and adding items to my many online wish lists.

It started innocently enough, a quick peek online for the morning news – NPR, Huffington Post, and, my favorite, The Skimm (the quickest way to get the news of the day without browsing a bunch of sites. If you don’t already get their daily newsletter complete with catchy subject lines and witty humor, sign up now. Seriously). But then, one click led to another and all of a sudden it was almost lunchtime.

Anyway, I’ve decided to share my morning’s “work” – My Weekly Wish List. Hope you enjoy!

Weekly Wish List 1

1. Collection Neon Faille Skirt | J. Crew | $228

2. Naked 3 Palette | Urban Decay | $52

3. Collarless Animal Jacquard Jacket | Kenneth Cole New York | $99.16 (on sale!)

4. Chalkboard Spice Jars | Anthropologie | $10-12 each

5. Quinn Quilted Leather Ballet Flats | Tory Burch | $250